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Flying car maker Alef says it's received 3,200 preorders

Alef CEO Jim Dukhovny joins Julia Chatterley to discuss when and if his company's flying car will take to the skies.

THE BEST INVENTIONS OF 2023. The Drive to Fly.

Plenty of startups are working on the sci-fi dream of flying cars, but not many look like, well, a car. “We started calling everything a flying car, and that was wrong,” says Jim Dukhovny, co-founder and CEO of Alef Aeronautics.

This Flying Car Just Wowed the Detroit Auto Show. It Could Be in the Skies by 2025

A flying car sketched on a Silicon Valley coffee shop napkin in 2015 made its public debut eight years later at the Detroit Auto Show.

New flying car unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

This year's Detroit Auto Show is featuring a flying car prototype from California-based Alef Aeronautics. Known as the Model A, the meshed vehicle looks less like the flying cars in old movies and more like Bruce Willis' flying taxi in the 1997 film "The Fifth Element."

A flying car prototype just got an airworthiness certificate from the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration has certified for testing a vehicle that a California startup describes as a flying car.

Jim Dukhovny live on FOX

CEO of Alef, Jim Dukhovny was featured live on The Ingraham Angle Special on July 3, 2023.

Flying car gets limited US approval for test flights

An automotive sci-fi future is here – or rather, near. The Alef Aeronautics flying car, Model A, received a Special Airworthiness Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

World's first flying car turns sideways to enter "airplane mode"

A flying car by ALEF Aeronautics received preliminary approval from the FAA. ALEF CEO Jim Dukhovny joins "NewsNation Prime" to explain how the car works and when we might see it on the road, or in the sky.

1 step closer to futuristic living after FAA gives go-ahead for flying car

Flying cars have long been a fixation of science fiction, but could this fantasy really become a reality?

Startup backed by Tesla investor promises $300,000 flying car by 2025: This is not more complicated than a Toyota Corolla

For decades, futurists have touted the dream of your car lifting off and soaring above a traffic jam.

A $300,000 electric flying car just won approval for test flights

A fully electric flying car just won approval to start testing on the road – and in the air.

Alef Reveals Prototypes For A Flying Car That’s Really A Flying Car

Today Alef, a startup in e-VTOL aviation, revealed their full scale flying prototypes and production mock-up for a new class of flying vehicle.

Flying car by California startup Alef attracts early Tesla investor

The concept of a flying car is not new - inventors have been trying to add wings to wheeled motor vehicles for decades, with only limited success.

Alef Debuts Model A Flying Car and Hopes to Sell It Starting in 2025

A Silicon Valley startup hopes to revolutionize transportation, starting with commuters willing to pay $300,000 to escape traffic.

Flip to fly!

Incredible $300,000 flying car twists 90 degrees to shift from upward flight to forward flight – and could go on sale in just three years.

Alef Launches The Alef Flying Car, First and Only Drivable Flying Car with Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fitting Today’s Road Infrastructure

Draper-Backed Alef Unveils Fly/Drive eVTOL

Flying car is a frequent misnomer for electric air taxis, but in the case of Alef Aeronautics’ Model A the term is a correct...

Alef Launches The Alef Flying Car, First and Only Drivable Flying Car with Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fitting Today's Road Infrastructure

Flying Car Prototype

There are a lot of flying car companies working on their prototypes. Raj Mathai speaks with Alef CEO Jim Dukhovny on his company’s prototype.

‘Flying Car’ Startup Alef Emerges Just Weeks After Kittyhawk Went Bust

Alef, backed by the VC Tim Draper, is the latest entrant in the electric vertical takeoff and landing space.

Another Silicon Valley 'flying car' startup pops up, with Tim Draper's backing

There's another "flying car" company about to surface in Silicon Valley, with the backing of venture capitalist Tim Draper.

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